The ResponSEAble Game

The aim of the game is to conquer all the stages by solving the quizzes presented in the five Stories. You will navigate the archipelago and meet several challenges to solve,related to the health of our ocean and the connected value chain. In your travel, you will meet also chances to get more points and to rest a bit with some mini games. We'll appreciate if you will give us your feedback while navigating. When you will have completed all the challenges of the game, you will be asked to make a selfie and it will be published here: if you agree you can witness your engagement to save our Ocean.

Also, you can see the list of selfies of the various players.

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The ResponSEAble project

The objective of ResponSEAble it to encourage Europeans to take a closer interest in their oceans and to treat them with greater respect and understanding. ResponSEAble is mapping European marine research and knowledge to further our understanding of complex human-ocean relationships and the economic benefits that we derive from our seas and the ecosystems they support.The project’s media outreach aims to connect with a wide range of audiences: for this we created this learning game, and other digital contents as film, interactive application, learning contents. By generating greater public debate and knowledge, ResponSEAble, intends to support all sectors of European society take a more informed and responsible attitude and help secure healthier and more sustainable oceans.

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